Vista Gardens Testimonials

Testimonials are very important to us and are the best way to let others know if our team has provided you with a great experience.

“The staff at Vista Gardens have been amazing. My mother was under their care for 4.5 years. During this time I watched how the staff engaged with the residents and their families. I saw nothing but respect and caring. I highly recommend Vista Gardens.” – Jason

“Thank you Vista Gardens for taking such good care of my father-in-law in his last days. You all were so kind to take him as he neared the end of his hospice journey. He was cared for beautifully by your staff and the hospice nurses. Leah and Stephanie were so attentive and helpful with the transfer, and they made sure he had everything he needed. We really appreciate you!” – Michelle

“I had the opportunity to visit Vista Gardens with a friend whose relative was a resident. I’ve been to a few care facilities in the past and they always leave me with a really grim view of elder care. Vista Gardens definitely is a step above the others and I found the facility to be unlike so many others I’ve seen. The grounds and building are very well kept and the location is really peaceful. The staff was friendly and accommodating and it was nice to see the residents being acknowledged as actual people rather than just warm bodies to be cared for. I was able to observe a small group of residents playing Bingo with a staff member in the library and it was really heartwarming to see the care the staff puts into their work. They also take measures to make sure the residents and visitors are safe— it can be difficult to deal with ones suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s but the staff at Vista Gardens really seem to work hard to create a safe and welcoming environment for residents and their guests. Making the decision to move our loved ones into a care facility can be an incredibly difficult and emotional decision. Vista Gardens offers a lot of amenities and is not to be overlooked when choosing the right place for those you care about.” – Jenny

“My Mother has Alzheimer’s disease. Like so many families, we struggled navigating the disease as she moved from mild cognitively imparted to ALZ. Finding the right Memory Care was a huge challenge. Everything changed last year when we moved our Mom into Vista Gardens. My sister and I have been so impressed with the care she has received. The entire team works tirelessly to ensure my Mom and the other residents are well cared for and have a good quality of live. From the Care Givers, Nurses, the restaurant staff, the activities ladies (Mara and Theresa), to Julie (who makes the facility super clean), and Olga & Diane who work in the salon…I mean every one is exceptional! The doctors who work with the residents are amazing, as well! Jacque Dupont is an angel who is fighting to change the lives of people living with ALZ. Thank you to the entire Vista Garden’s for taking such wonderful care of our mother.” – Sara

After looking at multiple care facilities, we placed our dad at Vista Gardens due to the cozy environment and caring staff. Through the two years of his journey, VG was able to address each stage with compassion, ultimately working in conjunction with hospice to ensure his last days were peaceful. Dementia/Alzheimer’s impacts the entire family and the emotional toll this journey takes on all involved can be extreme so for those just beginning down this path, I urge you to find a care facility that addresses the family as a whole. Vista Gardens recognizes that not only does the resident need to be supported but the family does as well. – Maria

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“My Mom couldn’t be more happy. She feels respected, loved, and independent (even though she is under constant watch and care).

No question this is the right place for my Mom and I highly recommend it. I would like to thank all of the staff at Vista Gardens for their constant care, love, and attention. I know my Mom is in a safe place. A++ or as my Mom would always say: “BRAVO!”” – Richard

“I toured Vista Gardens a few months back. Vista Gardens exceeded my expectations. I work for a Home Care Agency and we often need to transition our clients on too a community. Vista Gardens seems like a family everyone was friendly and all the staff I spoke with seemed very knowledgeable. I have toured many communities but Vista Gardens compassion to the residents always stands out.” – Gabby

“I toured Vista Gardens for a loved one in our family that needs to be at a place that can specialize in Memory Care. I was overwhelmed by the kindness and attentiveness from all the staff to the residents. Everyone was happy and well taken care of. I visited on a day when there was a group visiting and leading all residents in a singing/musical session. My heart was warmed to see so many smiling faces actively participating and having a wonderful time.

Rooms and common areas were also very clean and well taken care of.

Overall, the kindness and compassion displayed would be the main reason I would highly recommend Vista Gardens and why I would feel completely confident to have my loved one live there.” – Alaina

“Vista Gardens has been a wonderful place for my grandmother. I am so impressed with the facility and the caring staff. Activities are plentiful, well planned , and organized. The staff is kind and caring, not only to residents but to visiting family as well. Grandma gets excited about her “beauty shop ” visits , getting her hair done on certain days. Grandma knows the schedule! And she is familiar with the many entertainers that come, she especially likes a particular piano player. It does my heart good to see her so happy and well cared for.” – Christy

“Vista Gardens Memory Care was great. My husband stayed there just for three weeks. I’m very impressed with the facility in general, and the outdoor facilities for the residents were exceptional. The staff was excellent. They’re very welcoming and caring. I was just very happy with them overall. I didn’t have a lot of direct experience with the food, but I saw menus. The dining room was beautiful and very spacious. They offer a variety of things for the residents. They’re not restricted to one choice every day. It’s restaurant-style and the residents can order whatever they like. The facility was beautiful. It’s 12 years old, and it’s very neat, clean and homey. When you’re there for respite care only, it’s maybe a little bit more expensive than if you were there on a full-time basis, but for peace of mind and overall care, it’s worth it to me. They have a huge outdoor space for the residents. They have an actual park on their premises and a raised garden bed.” – Laura

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